Ha! Not only has my mind gone south (temporarily) but also my body. On Friday I was no longer able to walk after I got off of work because of my knee hurting. I had a motorcycle accident about 6 years ago, which I never went to the hospital to have it checked because I had no insurance, and my knee has been shitty ever since. This Friday though was the worst case of pain I’ve ever had coming from it. I messed up by playing soccer yesterday. The beers masked the pain.


Trouble - Coldplay

This week’s closing song.


That mental face when you hate it that tomorrow is Monday.

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Beers, futbol, and a concert blasting sound a couples of blocks away made for a good Sunday.


The chuckles I get from having been through calculus and differential equations. Nerd? maybe.

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Vicky is here.

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Those who have been there would know.

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Hotel del Salto - The Incredible Gothic, Long-Abandoned Hotel in Colombia

This was the abandoned Hotel del Salto, also known as the Tequendama Falls Hotel, located in San Antonio del Tequendama, Colombia. The old hotel overlooked the Tequendama Falls on the Bogotá River in Colombia. It was opened in 1924 and shut its doors in the 1990′s. For the last 20 years, the hotel had stood abandoned with a grand haunted past. But it is now a museum.

In 1923, the building was constructed as a mansion by the architect Carlos Arturo Tapias, as a symbol of the joy and elegance of the elite citizens of the 1920’s “The Mansion of Tequendama Falls”, as the house was called, and was built during Colombia’s presidency of Pedro Nel Ospina (1922-1926).

The hotel was abandoned in the 1990s, for more than two decades, due to river contamination. The hotel’s Gothic French design and neglected beauty enhanced the idea that the hotel was haunted by local residents. After 20 years, the abandoned beauty was finally put to good use. It has become the Museum of Biodiversity and Culture, restoring the old building’s beauty and purpose. 

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I never use this word but this place is awesome.

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The tank keeps on improving.

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2nd volunteering event. It was cool. Some light gardening and cool new peeps to meet. I am thinking of becoming one of the volunteering leads. Stay tuned for an update.



1956c 750 GT doble


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wow. That is exactly how it went down. I asked her if she didn’t want this (us) anymore, dreading the worst and hoping she would say that she could not live without me by her side, but all she said was “I don’t know” because she was scare and not completely sure about her decision. I had a dream about her yesterday. It was like one of those times we spent it together with her sister and her boyfriend. I remember it being a very fun time. But then I woke up and could not go back to sleep. That did it for me for that day. I loss all my energy, concentration, and motivation for the whole day. I will never be able to regenerate that which has died within me. I will have to live just like Frankenstein did; living with the pain of being an ugly creature who just wanted a woman to love him.

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WTF. The cost of a room to rent in San Francisco has doubled overnight. I was looking at rooms for rent on Craiglist a few weeks ago and there were some very decent priced places. Now all I find are rooms that are over a thousand per month. Ridiculous. Some even want more than 2 grand. This place will be not affordable in another couple of years.


The Volunteering Event volunteers. I am scheduling another day for this week.